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ヽ ◉ 皿◉ノ ✧ Midousuji Month


Rules: Draw a picture of Midousuji based on the theme listed here! The theme will change daily. (Don’t worry about posting your pic too late. If you aren’t able to draw/post every day don’t feel rushed and just contribute whenever you have time !)

Also, please don’t feel obligated to participated in themes you don’t like. I just want everyone to have fun !

In order to track down every fanart more easily, you may tag it with #Midousuji Month

 (I will also reblog all the illustrations and list them on my blog, so none of you misses anything ´ ▽ ` )ノ at least I try my best haha )

If someone still has questions don’t fear to ask me !

The Themes:

Day 1: crossdressing

Day 2: Megane

Day 3: yakuza

Day 4: disney princess 

Day 5: Highschool

Day 6: Speedousuji

Day 7: childhood

Day 8: older! Midousuji

Day 9:  other sports

Day 10: genderbend 

Day 11: food

Day 12: underwear

Day 13: (sun)flowers 

Day 14: maid & butler 

Day 15: bruises

Day 16: long haired Midousuji

Day 17: mermaid ! Midousuji

Day 18: cosplay

Day 19: animal ears

Day 20: Mohawk! Midousuji

Day 21: supernatural 

Day 22: favorite au

Day 23:  formal wear

Day 24: tears

Day 25: smile

Day 26: rockstar

Day 27: summer

Day 28: crossover

Day 29: favorite Midousuji ship

Day 30: Midousuji + Yuki

Day 31: nsfw/kinks

That’s it! I hope you found something good in there ;u;/

I hope that many people participate and share the lizard love 

Feel free to put this post under a read more in order not to bug your followers.

Also, please do NOT change the themes I wrote in there, I don’t wanna people to get confused. Thank you !

I hope all of you enjoy it ! ( ´∀`)